Pioneer, Patented & Precise

As India’s No 1 GPS Device, BlackBoxGPS Enjoys the pride of being the only patented product in its category. This privilege makes us more conscious of our responsibilities.

BlackBox GPS Technologies

BlackBox GPS is the first company in India to innovate GPS Tracking and Vehicle Tracking System ever since 1999. The company is headquartered in Chandigarh and has been providing customized solutions for fleet management in India. The company is one of the top vehicle management solution providers since that time when vehicle based tracking was not even in the thoughts of leading scientists!
Today, BlackBox GPS is the only Indian company who’s been granted Patent by Govt. of India for their propriety GPS/GPRS Technology. With more than 15 years of extensive Field and Research experience, the company is now into their 4th generation of patented ‘BlackBox’ tracking device which has been the preferred choice of industry for Real-Time Tracking & Monitoring. The company is now venturing in the genre of Fleet Management Software and customized solutions whereby it is offering new approaches to add to business productivity and profitability.

Why Choose BlackBox™?

“Choosing BlackBox Is A Wise Decision And For All The Good Reasons”

  • Patented Product by the Govt of India.
  • Customized as per Industry requirement.
  • Backed by Own Research & Development.
  • Hardware is manufactured in India added with team of Software Engineers so to give you customized solutions and reports as per your needs.
  • Economical and Efficient.

Invest In Profits

If Efficiency & Profitability Is Your Goal…BlackBox’s Intelligence Gives You Control

BlackBox is an investment assuring Fleet Industry & other industries high ROI owing to its operational excellence. Investing in BlackBox ensures that the business owner retains control over all the vehicles sitting in the office. For every entrepreneur or even government who owns and runs multiple commercial vehicles, investing in BlackBox would yield exponential returns in the form of…

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency leading to huge savings in fuel bills.
  • Lesser wear and tear of the vehicle resulting in lesser replacement cost and repairing cost.
  • Lesser accidents leading to safeguarding public property and infrastructure.
  • Maintenance History.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Repair Tracking.
  • Service Reminders.

What Our Clients Says

Losing your profits because of fuel theft or late deliveries makes no sense. I’m happy to bank upon BlackBox vehicle fuel management system. Not only the device but the customer care team that works behind the scene is highly efficient and responsive. I credit BlackBox for increased profitability and operational efficiency.

Mr. Anil singh Testimonial

The registration was quick, to add GPS trackers was simple. Now I can track my car and my son’s motorcycle in one place on my Desktop / mobile. BlackBox – Vehicle Tracking System is cost effective and reliable for me. I recommend BlackBox Vehicle Tracking System for individual and commercial use.

Mr. Sudeesh Goyal Testimonial
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